My fascination with pictures may have started when I was a kid of my love for graphic novels, mangas, and magazines instead of written books.  Some say I just never grew up from it, but I prefer to think that I am just a visual person :D.  There is something about images always attracts and captivates me. 

However it wasn't until I got my first semi-manual Canon SX 100 in late 2008 and started experiment with it, did I discover my interest for photography.  And it wasn't until I made the move to buy my first entry level DSLR Canon Rebel XTI, did I find that I truly had a passion for learning and creating photographs.  Throughout all the changes in my life, photography has been the one constant that I can always turn towards.

These days, my go-to camera is my Sony mirrorless A7RII and 16-35mm f/4 Zeiss.  It's been a long journey of learning, but there is no greater feeling  than seeing my work continue to improve and develop.  And I am still discovering something new every time I click the shutter.  I started out by focusing more on shooting portraits such as fashion, glamour, and lifestyle.  I love capturing the human form & beauty, however it started to wear on me since it relies so much on a team of people and variety of gear to produce the best images.  

I gradually moved towards landscape photography as I discovered my other passion: traveling.  There are so many amazing places and sights out in the world that I want to capture and share.  A spectacular landscape image can take you away from daily surroundings and connect to a special place without any need for words or explanation.  And I found that it is much more self-reliant.  It is just you, you alone, to create that memorable moment.  And I was inspired by many great landscape photographers from the old masters like Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell to new age champions like Jimmy Chin and Max Rive. I feel that I've grown quite a bit in understanding what it takes to make landscapes, and I truly hope to continue to develop as a photographer as well as having a blast along the way!